Upcoming Kannada Movies on OTT [December 2022]- Head Bush, Guru Shishyaru, Monsoon Raga, and more

Sandalwood has been very busy this past year, churning out hit after hit. From big budget big banner films to smaller indie flicks, a lot of movies have come out across different OTTs. From action to mystery, drama and thrillers, there’s something for everyone – a wide range of content for you to choose from. So what are the upcoming Kannada movies on OTT? Read the list and find out!

List of Upcoming Kannada Movies

Movie Name Release Date Platform  Rating
Dil Pasand 10th February 2022 SunNXT 7.3
Head Bush December 2022 Zee5 8
Guru Shishyaru December 2022 Zee5 8.6
Monsoon Raaga December 2022 Zee5 8.5
Thothapuri Chapter 1 December 2022 Zee5 Kannada 6.1
Raymo TBA Zee5 Kannada 9

Dil Pasand

The story is centered around Santosh, an IT engineer, played by Darling Krishna, who has been a hopeless romantic since he was a young boy. His parents set him up with a girl named Minchu, portrayed by Megha Shetty, when they think he is ready for marriage.

IMDb rating – 7.3

Cast – Nishvika Naidu, Megha Shetty, Cockroach Sudhi, Darling Krishna, Rangayana Raghu, Sadhu Kokila

Where to watch – Sun NXT

Dil Pasand OTT Release Date – 10 February 2022

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Head Bush

This 2022 Kannada movie has been directed by Shoonya. This is a political crime drama on the Bengaluru Underworld, based on the autobiography of Agni Sridhar, titled “My Days in the Underworld”. The movie has received a ton of positive reviews. The Times of India has deemed it a good movie if you are a fan of commercial films. The Hindu has said that despite being a well-written gangster film cum political thriller, this movie has been plagued by poor writing and execution. A Bangalore Mirror critic has stated that this movie gives a good peek into life of the 70’s. Deccan Herald wonders why this movie hasn’t been delivered to the fullest. 

IMDb Rating: 8.0

Where to Watch: Zee5

Cast: Dhananjaya, Sandy Master, Raghu Mukherjee, Payal Rajput, Vasistha M Sinha, V. Ravichandran.

Release Date: December 2022

Guru Shishyaru

This 2022 Kannada language sports drama movie has been directed by Jadesh K HAmpi. The story is set in 1994-95, when Manohar K, a lazy man and former national Kho-Kho champion, lives with his teacher Guru, who persuades him to join a school at a village called Bettadapura as a PT teacher. The job was to be nothing more than a source of income and experience. It turns out to be much more as MAhohar bonds with the students who learn Kho-Lho from him. Parallely, a swindler called Rudrappa coerces the villagers to give up the land which belonged to his grandparents before the rule implemented by the Union govt that the tiller is the owner of the land. The court asks the two parties to reach an agreement. Ranganna, also a gambler, states that he will withdraw the case if the school students can defeat his players in the annual Kho-Kho event.

IMDb Rating: 8.6

Where to Watch: Zee5

Cast: Suresh Heblikar, Nishvika Naidu, Sharan

Release Date: December 2022

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Monsoon Raaga

This 2022 Kannada language drama has been directed by S Ravindranath, and is the remake of Kancharapalem, a Telugu movie. J Anoop Seelin has composed the music while A R Vikhyath has produced the picture under Vikhyath Chitra Productions. The movie opened to positive box office reviews. The flick depicts the journey of a school boy from his first crush to his office romance as a middle aged bachelor. There is a lot of romance at different points in the character’s lives. Watch as the movie unfolds. 

IMDb Rating: 8.5

Where to Watch: Zee5

Cast: Achyuth Kumar, Suhasini, Yasha Shivakumar, Dhananjaya, Rachita Ram. 

Release Date: December 2022 

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Thothapuri Chapter 1

Ere Gowda, a farmer and tailor, is a regular visitor at the local mosque. Shakeela Banu, a bank worker, plays the Veena at the Raghavendra swamy temple. The two love each other and respect each other’s religion, but their desire to get married is met with many hurdles.

IMDb rating – 6.1

Cast – H.G. Dattatreya, Dhananjaya, Jaggesh, Ram Manjjonaath, Shille Manjunath, Aditi Prabhudeva, Suman Ranganath, Veena Sundar.

Where to watch – Zee5 Kannada

Thothapuri Chapter 1 OTT Release Date – December 2022

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The film begins with an introduction to Revanth (Ishan), the son of a millionaire (Sharathkumar). He’s a rock star known by his stage name ‘Raymo’, and he’s very arrogant. He hates his father, is a drunkard, and has a lot of female fans. He meets Mohana (Ashika Ranganath), who is the opposite of him. She’s a singer from a traditional family.

IMDb rating – 9.0

Cast – Sarath Kumar, Rajesh Nataranga, Achyuth Kumar, Madhoo, Ashika Ranganath, Ishaan

Where to watch – Zee5 Kannada

Raymo OTT Release date – TBA

Well that rounds up the upcoming Kannada movies on OTT. So which one will you watch first?


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