Suku Purvaj’s Maataraani Mounamidhi Movie Review & Ratings

Maataraani Mounamidhi Movie Review: Due to its compelling teaser and trailer and the directors’ assertions that the movie will present a unique viewpoint that hasn’t been seen before, the movie Maataraani Mounamidhi has generated excitement in T-Town. But as the film premieres today, August 19, 2022, let’s look at the review and see if it lives up to the hype.

Maataraani Mounamidhi Movie Review


A musician who lost his sister and became entirely dependent on his brother-in-law was the subject of a narrative by Maataraani Mounamidhi. He fell in love with a girl after getting out of his depression, but she had serious vocal communication impairments, so when he proposed to her, she declined.

Cast & Crew

Sanjeev, Mahesh Datta, Soni Srivastava, Keshav, Archana Ananth, and Suman Shetty. Udayagiri Srihari Ivaram Charan took the footage, Suku Purvaj directed, Ashir Luke provided the music, and Rudra Pictures oversaw production.

Movie Name Maataraani Mounamidhi
Director Suku Purvaj
Music Director Ashir Luke
Producer Rudra Pictures
Genre Love, Horror
Cast Mahesh Datta, Soni Srivastava, Srihari Udayagiri, Sanjeev, Archana Ananth, Keshav, Suman Shetty
Editor NA

Movie Verdict

As with other love stories, Maataraani Mounamidhi begins with a boy falling in love with a girl, but what sets it apart is the distinctive way the heroine is portrayed: she is speech-impaired. The first half of the movie meanders since the director spends the entire time setting up the characters and plot, but the second half is engaging.
Since writers typically stick to one genre throughout their careers, we’ve seen plenty of love stories. However, this one starts out like a typical romance before going horrifyingly wrong. The movie is only partially good, with a few interesting sections in the second half, but none of the characters’ emotions are effectively expressed, thus it doesn’t elicit any genuine sensations.
Mahesh Datta, a newbie to the acting world, performed admirably but fell short of becoming outstanding. The actor feels that the protagonist’s role is a little too fat because he must show a variety of emotions throughout the narrative. The remaining members of the cast gave it their all, but Srihari Udayagiri’s role gives him the chance to showcase his acting skills. Soni Srivastava, who brilliantly portrays her multifaceted character, is the movie’s real heart and soul.
Suku Purvaj was successful in holding the audience’s interest throughout the entire movie by identifying a novel viewpoint and deftly fusing it with a love story. The hero’s brother-in-law and a few other characters, however, could have been better designed because they appear artificial in most of the scenes.
Despite having a modest budget, Maataraani Mounamidhi’s technical quality was substandard. It’s not clear why most of the scenes have significant grading applied; Ivaram Charan clearly struggled to produce a work of excellent calibre. The score is only partially effective, Ashir Luke’s music falls short of expectations, while the rest of the technical crew does a respectable job.
In conclusion, Maataraani Mounamidhi is entertaining for a particular audience, especially for those who like stories that contain both fantasy and horror elements.

Rating: 3/5

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