Safe Delivery Wishes and Prayers For a Safe Labor

Safe Delivery Wishes: Bringing a new life into the world is a beautiful process, but the excruciating pain of delivering a child is sure to tense any soon-to-be mom. Therefore, if one of your dear ladies is going into labor, you must support her with some reassuring and encouraging words. Your wishes for safe delivery can help her stay strong and hopeful during childbirth. Wondering which safe delivery wishes you can send to an expectant mother? Scroll down to find a huge variety of such wishes and prayer messages for safe delivery.

Safe Delivery Wishes

May you have a safe delivery and a healthy child. My support and prayers are with you!

Stay strong for a while because all your pain will vanish as soon as you meet your baby boy/girl. Love and prayers.

This baby will be a gift to the world, and you will make an amazing mother. Best of luck!

wishing you a safe delivery

You will soon bring a tiny little angel to the world, and I can’t wait to meet him/her! Wishing you a safe delivery.

This is not only your baby’s birth; you are also being reborn as a mother. So, take care of yourself!

This new baby will bring so much fun and happiness to our home, mom. Just have a safe delivery.

I’m going to love my brother/sister more than anything, mom! Hoping that you will have a safe delivery.

Hope you will gracefully welcome the baby and motherhood into your life, sister. Have a safe delivery.

I can’t tell how excited I am to meet my nephew/niece. But for now, hoping that you will have a smooth delivery.

I’m cheerfully waiting to be an aunt! May you have a safe delivery and our baby boy/girl be healthy.

This grandchild will surely be my best ever gift. Wishing you a safe and smooth delivery, my precious.

Safe Delivery Message

I’m sure you will handle the labor pain much better than I did! Have a safe delivery, dear.

You are the best daughter I could ask for, and you will certainly be the best mother too. Have a safe delivery.

Both you and the baby will be lucky to have each other. Stay strong, and have a safe delivery.

Your little bundle of joy will be in your arms in no time! Till then, take care of yourself and have a smooth delivery.

As you are waiting to bring a beautiful soul to the world, I wish you good luck and smooth delivery.

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Praying for a Safe Delivery Message

May God protects you and the little angel you are going to give birth to. Have a safe delivery.

I’ve been praying for your well-being since the beginning of your pregnancy. May God bless your family.

May God gives you easy delivery and a perfectly healthy baby. My prayers are always with you.

Praying for a Safe Delivery Message

The child that belonged to heaven will soon be in your arms. May God bless both of you.

I’m wholeheartedly praying for the well-being of you and your baby. Best of luck with the delivery.

I’m jealous that I’ll have to share your love with the baby, but I can’t wait to meet the little one either! Praying for safe delivery, mom.

May God bless my lovely mother and the baby that she’s about to bring into the world. Good luck, mom!

May this child be the sunshine that brightens up your home and may you have a safe delivery. God bless you, sister.

As you look forward to welcoming your angel, I wanted to send my love and prayers to you. Have a smooth delivery.

I can’t wait to touch the little fingers of my nephew/niece. May God make the delivery easier!

Praying for a Safe Labor Message

Be it a boy or girl, I’m going to give my grandchild all the love in the world. Praying for your smooth delivery, sweetie.

May God gives you the strength to successfully go through the labor and deliver a healthy child. I’m always proud of you, dear.

My only prayer to God is that he grants you a safe delivery and a perfectly healthy baby. Love, mom.

There is no greater gift than having a child, and thanks to God for giving this gift to you. May you have a safe delivery.

Praying for your smooth delivery, my friend. May both you and the sweet baby stay safe and healthy.

All these painful days are going to turn into happy memories once you meet your child. God bless you and the baby!

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The last few days of pregnancy are full of anticipation. The whole family stays excited about the arrival of their new little member. Yet, it is quite intimidating for the expectant mother to go through the sudden transitions between pregnancy and motherhood, especially when the labor pain kicks in. That is why, it is everyone’s duty to comfort the would-be mother, and wishing a pregnant woman a safe delivery is a perfect way to do that.

Our safe delivery wishes were written keeping the pregnant women’s mental states in mind. So, use these to wish a safe delivery to your loved ones, or to soothe a pregnant woman during her labor. She will definitely appreciate your support and find the courage she needs!

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