Highest Grossing Indian Movies In Japan [Updated List]

Highest Grossing Indian Movies In Japan
Highest Grossing Indian Movies In Japan

Highest Grossing Indian Movies In Japan: Our Indian films are popular in Japan as well. Despite its late release in Japan, the RRR film was well received by the audience, and in terms of box office, Rajinikanth’s Muthu was first on the list of Highest Grossing Indian Movies in Japan. However, Rajamouli’s RRR has taken its place. if we talk abou the exact collections, Muthu’s film remains first, but only if Muthu’s rerelease collections are included. If the rerelease collection is excluded, rrr will take its place.

Muthu was released in Japan and collected ¥400M, creating buzz at the time. It collected another ¥50 million after a re-release, while RRR, which was released in Japanese theatres on October 21, broke the record with ¥410 million collection.

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Highest Grossing Indian Movies In Japan

No. Movie Japan Collection
1 RRR ¥410M
2 Muthu ¥400M (+¥50M Rerelease Collection)
3 Baahubali 2 ¥330M
4 3 Idiots ¥149M
5 English Vinglish ¥146M
6 Saaho ¥132M
7 Magadheera ¥132M
8 Robo ¥111M
Top 10 Highest Grossing Indian Movies In Japan

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RRR has now surpassed the 24-year-old “Muthu” record for highest grossing film. That concludes the list of the highest-grossing Indian films in Japan. Stay tuned to our website for more interesting movie updates.

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