56 Short Birthday Wishes and Messages

Short Birthday Wishes: Birthdays are undoubtedly the most special day of anyone’s life. And it’s our duty to wish our loved ones a happy birthday to make them feel special. But if you are in a hurry, finding short birthday wishes may get tricky. That’s why we have come up with a list of one-liner birthday wishes and messages. We’ve also noted down short funny wishes, birthday prayers and blessings for your friends, family, and special ones. Check these out and select a suitable birthday message that is short but cute according to your liking. Without delay, let’s dive in!

Short Birthday Wishes

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays!

You make becoming older look so attractive. Happy birthday.

May God shower you with an abundant blessing on this birthday!

short birthday wishes

Here’s to another year of your gracious growing journey my sweetheart. Happy Birthday!

May your birthday be filled with fun, laughter, and joy!

Happy birthday precious. You shine every day, but on your birthday you shine the brightest.

Happy Birthday to the most beautiful soul on this earth. May God bless you with lots of love.

May God bless you today and forever. Happy Birthday!

Cheers to you and your birthday. Cheers to the most awesome day of the year. Best wishes.

May the blessing be with you on your birthday!

short birthday messages

May God bless you with lots of blessings and bring you good luck on your birthday and every day.

Wishing you a truly wonderful and amazing birthday my love. You deserve all the good things in the universe.

Funny Short Birthday Wishes

On your every birthday, I wish for you to be smarter, only to be disappointed afterward!

Instead of focusing on grey hair, think of the amazing experiences you’ve made. Happy Birthday.

It’s a pity to see you getting older without gaining wisdom. Just kidding! Happy Birthday!

short funny birthday wishes

Do not be sad. You are not getting older and wrinkly. You are just getting wiser and wilder. Happy Birthday.

Today you deserve all the good things. By good things I mean lots of cakes. Have a great Birthday.

Just eat the big slice of cake and leave all the worries today. Wish you a very happy birthday.

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Short Happy Birthday Prayers

Happy Birthday. May goodness and kindness be with you today.

Happy birthday. The Lord’s light will always lead you to prosperity and glory.

I pray that God fills your life with uncountable blessings and success at every step.

Happy birthday, may this new year bring you immense joy, blessings, success, and fulfillment.

short birthday prayers

I pray on your birthday that God will keep you in His care this year and always.

I pray that God replaces all your pain and sorrow with bundles of happiness and cradles of joy. Happy birthday.

I pray to God to bless you with every kind of joy today and always. Happy Birthday! Have a blast!

Short Birthday Wishes for Friend

I wish you a happy and blessed birthday, year, and life.

Life is finite. For as long as you can, go on as many adventures as you desire. Happy birthday!

You deserve the best birthday ever. Happy Birthday, my friend.

short birthday wishes for friend

A very happy and joyous birthday to you dear friend. You are one of a kind.

Happy birthday buddy. I’m the luckiest person in the whole universe because you’re my best friend.

What would I do if this day doesn’t exist. Probably would need to find another best friend. Happy Birthday, buddy.

May this day brings you the most expansive present. It could be love or PS5. Same thing. Happy Birthday.

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Short Birthday Wishes for Sister

Dear sister, wishing you a lifetime of joy on your birthday!

Sending my most affectionate birthday wishes to someone I adore a lot.

Wishing the happiest birthday to the best sister in the world.

short birthday wishes for sister

Most important days of my life because on this day I was blessed with the most beautiful sister. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday to my favorite person in the family. Hope you are enjoying your birthday this year.

Happy Birthday my partner in crime, my dear sister. Have a great birthday this year. Be blessed.

Short Birthday Wishes for Brother

May your birthday be filled with wonderful memories! Happy Birthday, bro!

Happy Birthday. May Almighty grant all of your wishes.

Dear brother, My sincere prayers will always be with you, no matter where you are. Happy birthday.

short birthday wishes for brother

Congratulations for entering another year of your life. Hope now you grow some wits and muscles. Happy Birthday bro.

Sending you warmest wishes to your way dear bro. May you have all the success in the world. Happy Birthday, dear.

A new year to make some new mistakes. But I will be always with you to give you company. Have an amazing company.

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Short Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

I hope you understand how unique you are. Happy Birthday, love!

I wish you a birthday as wonderful as you are!

Leave your age at the door. Keep in mind all of your blessings. Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

short birthday wishes for boyfriend

Happy Birthday to the most awesome boyfriend in the world. You are the cutest and sweetest.

Sending love, kisses, and hug as presents to the most caring boyfriend on his birthday. Meet me soon love.

Never change and be always lovable the way you are. Happy birthday dear boyfriend

Short Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Pleasing memories have been bestowed on you. Continue to make them. Happy Birthday!

Dear love, You are my one in 7 billion. Happy Birthday!

You’re still the same kind, sincere, and loving person I met on our first date. Happy birthday!

short birthday wishes for girlfriend

I will always be your sidekick and kick every moron that wants to flirt with you. Happy Birthday my sweet girlfriend.

Wishing the most beautiful girl happy birthday. I am so thankful that you are in my life.

You are the most beautiful rose in God’s garden and I am lucky to have you as my girlfriend. Wishing you a very joyous birthday my love.

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Birthday is always special. It is an occasion which we are always excited about. But sometimes the excitement and happiness can be expressed in short messages because ‘less is more.’ We believe our compilation of ‘short birthday messages for your loved ones meets your expectation and present what you feel about the birthday person in the right way. Short and crisp birthday wishes can be used in text, gift notes, photo captions, social media posts, stories, letters even birthday banners or on cakes.

Use our variety of wishes for your mischievous siblings, loving partner, caring parents, or best friends to make their birthday bright and sparkly. Make your dear one’s birthday special in fewer words because the birthday comes only once a year. Make it celebrated and worthy with our words because we care about your feelings.

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